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Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Smart, Simple and Safe Charging Solutions from CITA EV Chargers (UK)

The global market for electric vehicle charging systems is exhibiting positive growth with a significant rise in the adoption of electric vehicles in the past few years. Increasing awareness and ongoing efforts to go environment-friendly across the globe is fuelling the growth of the electric vehicles market, which in turn, is driving the market of electric vehicle charging systems. Moreover, the technological advancements aimed at developing affordable charging solutions are likely to drive market growth even further.

WeMantain in partnership with CITA EV (UK) brings you the Smart, Simple, and Safe home and commercial charging solution. CITA charging systems combine cutting-edge technology with compact design, managing the communication between you and the charger via an easy-to-use application.


Practical and efficient charging right at your workplace.


Charge your EVs from the comfort of your homes.


Gain a competitive edge by providing our fuss free EV charging solutions.


Practical and efficient charging right at your workplace.


Charge your EVs from the comfort of your homes.


Home & Workplace Charging provides fast charging to an electric vehicle, using the chargers on-board three-phase supply.


Rapid Charging Infrastructure for Commercial Parking, Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate and Commercial Network Operators with Solar & Grid power options.


Triple Socket: One AC and Two DC Charging Sockets Dual Socket: Two DC Charging Sockets Ideal for Fuel Stations, Commercial Network Operators & Car Fleets.

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